For Sellers

Whether you are selling a detached home or a Strata Property, Susan can be relied on to be your go-to Realtor. She is skilled in knowledgeable in the Strata Property Act and is considered an expert in this field in that she not only transacted countless condos, townhouses and half duplexes, she also has acted as the Strata President of a self managed Strata Property for 12 years and owns a Strata Titled property. She also explains basic Strata knowledge to her clients before they purchase so that they have a thorough understanding of what they are buying into.

Selling a house? Susan has sold countless detached homes offering highly personalized services with full marketing packages designed to achieve maximum sale results. Don't miss working with her if you are a home owner who enjoys personalized, full service, marketing services to sell your home.

Thinking of staging? It's always a good idea to prepare your home to look it's very best before putting the sign in the front lawn. That said, not all properties need to be fully staged with rental furniture. Before you commit to staging, speak to me about your plans. Staging can be a lot of money but it doesn’t have to be and the cost can really pay-off!

Put my 17 years of local experience to work!  Let’s start with establishing the current market value of your home for the purposes of listing and selling!  Call me for a complimentary evaluation today.