For Buyers

Thinking of purchasing real estate in Greater Vancouver? Interest rates have never been lower and will likely remain that way for another 12 to 24 months.  The selection of properties for sale is limited when it comes to detached homes priced less than 2 million dollars but there are many condos, townhomes, and other properties also available for sale.  Want to buy an investment property? Thinking of purchasing pre-construction? Whatever your case may be, if you’re ready and willing, to have me guide you through the process!

 I am an expert in locating and negotiating a property for you that is a great investment and a nice place to live! The Vancouver real estate market requires the services of a professional who knows the ropes. Don't go it alone! Hire a skilled and knowledgeable real estate agent to protect your interests. Bonus: whether you are purchasing a re-sale home or new construction, the Seller pays for my professional services. Call me for information on houses, town houses, condos and pre-construction sales in North Vancouver, West Vancouver or any other area of Vancouver

Why choose Susan J Weeks? If you appreciate customized service, you may want to consider working with Susan. Check out her testimonial page!

Contact Susan by email: or mobile: 1-604-761-4859